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Two Line Multi-Color LED Programmable Sign- 6"x39.5 [D16RG-128]
Model: D16RG-128

A good sign is your chance to win business. Ever been in a strange town? Remember when you were new in town? The easiest way to win business is to let people know you're there. The Scrolling LED Message Billboard is far the fastest and easiest way to get attention upon your business.


Two Line Indoor Multi-Color (16 Colors) LED Programmable Sign 6"x39.5"

-High Bright Dot Matrix Type LED Multi-Color(16 Colors)

-Message Can Be One Line or Two Lines

-Resolution: 16x128 Dots

-Power Consumption: 15-20W

-Display Dimension: 5" Height x 38" Length

-Total Dimension: 6" Height x 39 1/2" Length

-Memory Storage: 150 Graphic Files

-Program with The Software(Included)

-Built-in Clock Display: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Minutely

-1 Year Warranty

*Package Included The Display, Power Supply, Software, Computer Cable, Brackets,USB connector and Remote Control.

Our Indoor Programmable Display Signs are Using High Quality LEDs & Dot-Matrix  but NOT recommended Under Direct Sunlight. If you Need to Use Our LED  Programmable Signs under Direct Sunlight, please Choose from Our Semi-Outdoor Series in our selections, it is Visible under Direct Sunlight.

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