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Outdoor Giant Fold Up Lightbox 72''x96''x3 [Please contact us]
Model: Please contact us
MSRP Please contact us




  • Graphics for this lightbox needs to be print on backlit banner. Graphic is attached by ziptie on the lightbox. Can easily be changed
  • Lightbox can be broken down to fit in smaller shipping box
  • Shipping dimention: 100''x20''x15''
  • Completely waterproof! rain or shine!!
  • Backlit lit LED lightsource

​For detail information please contact us

Outdoor Giant Fold Up Lightbox 72''x96''x3'' Outdoor Giant Fold Up Lightbox 72''x96''x3'' Outdoor Giant Fold Up Lightbox 72''x96''x3''
Outdoor Giant Fold Up Lightbox 72''x96''x3''
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